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Software-based Internet Services Management (iSM) solutions ensure high availability, performance and control of e-business applications.

* 30% of the Fortune 50
* 55% of Fortune's 20 Most Profitable Companies
* 4 of the 5 Largest US Banks
* 5 of the 10 Largest Computer Makers

What's more, over 1300 financial services firms benefit from Resonate solutions.

Courtney Pulitzer Creations

Courtney Pulitzer Creations is about developing and fostering relationships and ideas between new media and Internet-industry professionals in various markets. Through an engaging and witty newsletter and social networking environment, Courtney Pulitzer Creations brings together all those who are involved in bringing the new economy forward.

Silicon Alley Events

Event postings are only for events that are related to the new media industry and in the New York tri-state are.

Silicon Alley Connections

Silicon Alley Connections is a recruiting agency serving the new media industry of New York City (in other words, new media headhunters). In 1994, their founder became New York's first new media recruiter. A year later, Silicon Alley Connections was born as the first firm to specialize exclusively in this area.


Offers security management software, information security management, internet security product, and firewall software.

Now you can protect your critical information infrastructure and your investment in security products with a complete view of your security systems from a single, consolidated console.
e-Security's mission is to produce an open and independent solution to integrate multi-vendor products into a single real-time holistic view of your security environment in order to enable tighter security through better management.

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