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Chris G. de Vries
Gelb Organization, L.L.C.
Wayne, New Jersey 07470-4343
Phone: (973) 694-7425

Picture of Chris G. de Vries

Corporate Business Development Consultant

Chris is a Marketing Executive with high degree of technical knowledge and extensive background in Marketing Operations and Services with P&L responsibility. Chris' International business experience offers significant benefit to employers seeking relationships with Japanese, European and Taiwanese corporations. His achievements are impressive:

  • Consultant to Major Global Companies on creation of "leading edge" computer peripheral products 
  • Domestic and International Top Management Business Connections
  •  Uncovering R & D technologies for investment or purchase
  •  Creating and Leveraging Intellectual Properties
  •  Created 3rd Party Marketplace for Products
  •  E-commerce Solutions and Business Portals
  •  Increasing Inventory Turnover Ratios
  •  Data Warehousing and Mining
  •  Improving cash flow and ROI
  •  Sales Force Automation
  •  Technologist
  •  Lecturer


A Division of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America

Secaucus, NJ

Fifteen Years of International experience working for the 13th largest Corporation in the World.

  •  Created and managed the product development of a new peripheral lines. Ten fold increase in monitor sales advancing from $10,000,000 to $100,000,000 in less than three years. [This represented an increase of market share from 0.01% to 6.7%]
  • Creating the PanaMediaTM and PanaFlatTM Trade Marks
  •  Developing Engineering Specifications for CRT & LCD monitors, projector, and printer products.
  •  Negotiated Factory Engineering Specifications in Japan and Taiwan with 3rd party contractors.
  •  Writing white papers on new peripheral technologies.
  •  Developing new channels of distribution penetrating the government and clone PC market segments.
  •  Creating ad concepts which resulted in winning Starch Award for advertising.
  •  Building strong business 3rd party relationships with manufacturing, sales and legal personnel.
  •  Trade speaker and lecturer to senior management, sales forces, customers, press and trade shows attendees.
  •  Public Relations and Key media contact at all trade shows where products were being displayed or  introduced.
  •  Supporting sales forces with personal selling and by working closely with the Training Departments.
  •  Training and supervising Factory Product Specialists and Engineers in manufacturing procedures.
  •  Tracking U.S. market dynamics and trends with improved competitive information generated
  •  Quality Control Engineering


  • Academics:  New York University, College of Engineering, Montclair State University, Bergen Community College, County College of Morris
  • Member of VESA, Video Electronics Standards Association.
  • Member of The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc., Computer Society Affiliate
  • Member of the Association of Computing Machinery, SIGGRAPH.


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